Friday, July 18, 2008

The Art of Yo-Yoga

Around and around she goes, and when she comes, everybody knows!

Yo-yoga is a semi-ancient Japanese bondage technique which involves tying women up on long ropes and twirling them around like yo-yos.

The object of the game is to see how frequently and intensely the yo-yogaist can make the woman attached to the rope orgasm.

The secret to inducing the orgasms is a joyrope with large, knobby knots on it, placed just where they'll do the most good. The rope encircling the woman's waist is cleverly linked to the joyrope so that every time the woman's body rotates, the knots inside her pussy do the same.

The game is played on a particular species of tree called the yew-yew. Participants climb up into the lower limbs of the tree, about five meters off the ground and then tie a rope to the limb and drop the other end to the ground. Then it's down the rope to secure the woman and the joyrope properly to the waist rope so that no part of her body will strike the ground on the downswing. Then it's back up the rope to the limb, and then it's time to pull the woman up to the limb via the rope around her waist, etc. (It's tiring but worth it.)

Once she's on the limb, the yo-yogaist and the woman carefully wrap the rope around her torso, and she lies down on the limb. The yo-yoga-ist takes a firm grip on the rope that is near the limb and then shoves the woman off the limb. As she falls the rope around her waist makes her body rotate, as does the joyrope. Just before she reaches the bottom limit of her fall, the yo-yogaist administers a carefully timed upward jerk, causing her to reverse direction and rotate up toward the tree.

As she moves up and down in this "yo-yoga" fashion, the joyrope twists relentlessly driving her to orgasm after orgasm. After a given span of time -- typically 15 minutes -- the game is called and the woman is inspected by the judged. The intensity and frequency of her orgasms are measured by the most objective scientific methods, taking into account the limpness of her body, how copiously she drools, how slippery the joyrope has become, and how long it takes her eyes to focus. She's declared the winner and her yo-yogaist becomes ... extremely popular.

Warning: this form of yoga is not for people who are prone to dizziness and nausea, or who have inner ear problems.

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Pat Powers said...

Just in case you were wondering, the vidcap at the article is from a hentai called Maison Plaisir. You can read my review of it here. The scene in question does involve a hentai babe suspended from a tree, but there's no yo-yoga involved.