Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hot, naked, raunchy sex ...

... or is it?

I have on many occasions observed that the modern thong bikini bottom can function as a substitute for nudity in nudity-challenged environments like non-premium cable television channels.

(By this I do not mean to disparage nudity, which I consider absolutely the most attractive form of attire for any woman, and compared to which thongs are a paltry thing indeed. It's just that the world is full of benighted folk who don't understand this, and who have undue influence in the media and elsehwere, there being so fucking many of them.)

The photo above is an excellent example. The woman having hot sex appears to be naked, but she is in fact clad in a thong bottom. The most you can say about her is that she's topless. Presumably, if she put on a bikini bra she could do the exact same thing she's doing in this photo on a public beach and not be guilty of any crime. And that's why thongs are great.

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