Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Very Unusual Gag

There HAS to be an easier way to stop smoking!

Here's a scene from the movie "Problem Child 3" in which the titular demonic spawn takes exception to the prospect of some dental work and disconnects the hose to his laughing gas supply, rendering the dentist and his nurse first hilarious, then unconscious. When they come to, the dentist is hanging from the ceiling fan and the nurse is bound to the dental chair with duct tape and chicken wire (always in ready supply at dentist's offices, of course) and wearing the preposterous device seen above.

I like a humorous bondage scene more than most, but Problem Child is basically aimed for the very young, and played so broadly that it will leave any adult grimacing in pain. I sampled the five minutes or so of the movie I had to record on either side of the scene to be sure of getting to it, and it was a painful experience. Do not repeat my experience. This cap is all that is worth seeing in this movie, and now you have seen it. I present it as a public service.

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