Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What kinkfest is this vidcap from?

What they're saying: "Mmmgh mmph." "Mmmgh." "Mmmmfh mmmfh mmgh."

I know what kinkfest this vidcap is from, I'll reveal the answer to those who don't know tomorrow, or anyone who does know the answer can post a response and get 200 Internet Cred points for knowing stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

That Cleopatra 2525 show?

Anonymous said...

Oh, didn't read careful enough. The Brians IDing in me now a reflex..2nd go here Alex.

What is "Cleopatra 2525" show? for 200

Pat Powers said...

You win, kdnpr! Didn't think the cap would last for long. I just think that particular image from the show with the guy in the head-to-toe wrap and the two kneeling gals in hoods and gags looks so fetish-y I was hoping someone would think it was from a commercial bondage vid. I mean, it does look like something from House of Gord more than a mainstream SF TV show.

Pat Powers said...

To sum up, the vidcap from this post is from the defunct science fiction TV series "Cleopatra 2525." Amazingly, it's not a SciFi Channel original series but was part of an "Action Pack" of adventure series, developed by UPN or one of those other wannabe broadcast networks at one time. I imagine they got their cast and costuming just by visiting a few BDSM meets and inviting attendees to be extras on their show. Worked beautifully, if you ask me.